3-Year-Old Girl Lived Alone for ‘Quite Some Time’ After Mother Died in Their Connecticut Apartment: Police

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A Connecticut mother was found dead in her own East Hartford residence, and police believe her 3-year-old daughter was living alone in the same apartment for “quite some time.”

The toddler may have lived on her own for two weeks after her mother died before police made the discovery. (Credit: KTLA sister station WTIC)

The East Hartford Police Department told television station WFSB in Hartford that officers were called to the apartment on Silver Lane Monday after the little girl didn’t show up to daycare.

When they arrived, investigators found the three-year-old daughter in the home with her mother, who had been dead for “some time.”

Neighbors told WFSB it’s quiet and most people know one another.

“It’s horrible because I knew them, and I told her if anything is ever wrong bang on the ceiling three times,” resident Susan Tash said.

Tash said she has been in shock since she heard the news about her upstairs neighbor.

“I was working, so when I came home the police had come and gone by that time,” Tash said. “And I heard that they found the girl above me deceased for two weeks, and the baby was there by herself.”

Police told WFSB when they found the three-year-old girl, she was eating cereal that was left on the floor. It probably kept her alive, they said.

She was taken to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. Doctors found her dehydrated, but she’s expected to be OK.

Her 37-year-old mother was found dead. Police don’t know exactly when she died, but said the little girl was inside the home for “some time” before she was found.

The deceased woman’s name has not yet been released.

A cause of death was not immediately known, though police said they don’t believe there was any foul play. Police are awaiting the autopsy report, and an investigation is ongoing.