Michigan Teen Wins $500,000 on Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket, Gives Money to His Parents

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A 19-year-old Ingham County, Michigan, man who won $500,000 on a lottery scratch-off plans to give most of the money to his parents.

"Best. Son. Ever," the Michigan Lottery wrote in a tweet announcing the winner of the large lottery prize last Friday, on St. Patrick's Day.

The teenager, who asked to remain anonymous, is going to invest around $5,000 for himself, according to the Michigan Lottery. The rest, he said, will go to his parents.

“I’m going to keep about $5,000 for myself to invest and I’m going to give the rest to my parents,” he said after claiming his winnings. “My parents have done so much for my sister and me, helping them takes a big weight off of their shoulders and mine.”

The teen said the money lifts a massive financial burden off his parents.

“It’s just incredible,” he said. “I can’t get the smile off my face.”

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