Burglars Caught on Camera Stealing From Condominium Building in Westwood

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Los Angeles police are investigating on Saturday after multiple burglars were caught on security footage stealing mail and personal items from a condominium in Westwood.

A group of men were shown breaking into a condominium building at the intersection of Beverly Glen Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard around 5 a.m. Saturday. The burglars used a stolen key to get into the building, according to residents.

"Being in your own home at 5 a.m. and realizing somebody has unauthorized access to your building, and doesn't even have to break a sweat," said Aida Kaplan, a resident of the building. "They can just come in, use a key and walk into your place, of course, it's really scary."

The men are shown taking pieces of mail and breaking into the garage before stealing a bike seat. A man and a woman also seen on security footage breaking into the building and stealing mail on January 21.

Residents told KTLA they have reported the crimes to local police and the postal service.

"What's kind of concerning is that there are only one or two keys for the entire city," said Aida Kaplan. "So one key covers a very large area and if somebody gets a hold of it then they just get access to all the buildings."

A local mailman told residents that one of his colleagues was held at gunpoint and asked to give away his master mail keys. The burglars allegedly took the keys and may have gained access to multiple buildings, according to the residents. 

"It's a very obvious flaw in anybody's security system," said Chris Kaplan, a resident. "So in order to protect against it you either have to not have mail delivered in your unit, or you need to find someway to prevent them from doing it."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department at 310-444-0702.