Los Angeles Considers Ticketing Motorists Again for Parking on City Parkways

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Since 2011, the L.A. City Council has told parking officers not to ticket cars parked on parkways — an umbrella term that includes the public land between the sidewalk and the curb, as well as the sloping aprons that connect driveways to the street. But the gap in enforcement has also encouraged a wave of renegade parkers in dense neighborhoods, who know that hopping the curb to park on the grass won’t lead to a ticket. (Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

The afternoon rush hour had just begun, and drivers already were circling like sharks on Westlake’s quiet side streets, hunting for parking.

One man in a red sedan pulled into a driveway on Miramar Street and made a hard left, bumping over the driveway apron and stopping on a bedraggled patch of grass between the curb and the sidewalk.

As a gardening crew stared from across the street, the driver stepped out of his car, locked the doors and walked away.

“Wait, can he do that?” said Juan Carlos Hernandez, 24, shaking his head. “We can do that?”

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