Venice Beach Apartment Manager Struck in Head With Skateboard During Confrontation With Skateboarders

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A Venice apartment building manager was struck in the head with a skateboard during a physical confrontation with two skateboarders whom he told to leave the beach-area property.

A photo provided to KTLA by Angel Maldonado shows stitches he received after a March 31, 2017, attack with a skateboard.

The altercation occurred the evening of Friday, March 31, in front of a property on 28th Avenue at Speedway, just steps from the sand.

The building manager, Angel Maldonado, told KTLA two skaters were repeatedly skating up the driveway and hitting the building’s stucco wall.

He said he warned them they were trespassing and told them to stop, but they refused.

A fight occurred, and Maldonado ended up getting hit by a skateboard, receiving a deep wound above his eye, which was documented with a gory open-wound photo a tenant posted on Twitter. Maldonado was rushed to the hospital.

Officers were contacted about 6 p.m. from the hospital, according to Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer Aaeron Jefferson.

Jefferson said the victim had pushed one of the skaters to the ground after the skater approached him. The skater then got up and hit the victim with his skateboard, leaving a 2 1/2 inch laceration, Jefferson said.

Maldonado told KTLA he received 20 stitches.

He said he tried to shove the skater away, off the property, for his own safety. While the pair tussled on the ground, the second skater approached and hit him hard on the head with a skateboard, Maldonado said.

“I started to crawl and as I tried to get up, I said, 'Call 911, call 911,'” Maldonado said in an interview Monday, still bandaged.

He said he was afraid he'd be killed.

The skaters ran off and a neighbor’s boyfriend called for help.

Maldonado captured video of the young skater with whom he initially tussled, but didn't get any image of the one who attacked him.

The skaters remain at large, Jefferson confirmed.

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