L.A. Voters Weigh 24 Candidates for Congressional Seat Vacated by Calif. Attorney General Xavier Becerra

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At any given time on Tuesday, poll workers seemed to outnumber voters in many precincts as voting in L.A.’s congressional race continued into the afternoon.

The 24 candidates running to fill former Rep. Xavier Becerra’s congressional seat in the 34th Congressional District. (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Despite the national attention fixed on this race — the first congressional primary since President Trump was elected — there were widespread reports on social media of short to non-existent lines at most polling locales. Throughout the afternoon, voters seemed to be coming in trickles rather than waves, and some campaign staffers were seen poring over voter lists in an attempt to get out the vote.

The race for the 34th Congressional District seat, vacated by Xavier Becerra when he became California’s attorney general, has been a four-month sprint that attracted a whopping two dozen candidates.

Half of them are women. More than a third are millennials. More than half are immigrants or the children of immigrants. And almost all of them have vowed to fight President Trump in this left-leaning progressive district, where only 9% of voters are registered as Republican.

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