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Pennsylvania Sisters Surprise Stepmother With Adoption Papers for Her Birthday

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Two sisters asked their stepmom to adopt them after their birth mother left them when they were just children. (Credit: WPMT)

Two sister in York County, Pennsylvania, who were abandoned by their birth mother when they were children have both asked their stepmother to adopt them.

Diana Gopear received the request from her two stepdaughters, Christina and Emily, just one day apart from each other, KTLA sister station WPMT in Harrisburg reported Sunday night.

The two young women’s biological mother walked out of their lives at the ages of 1 and 4 years old, the station reported. Gopear said she never saw herself as just their dad’s wife.

“In my heart they were my own. I can’t stand the word step, so we never told anybody about it. They were just – they were my girls,” she said.

Emily, 20, said she discussed adoption with Gopear in December and got a lawyer in January. She surprised Gopear on her birthday, March 30.

“It was her birthday, so I wrapped five pages and wrote how awesome she is with pictures and stuff,” she said. “And then she opened it, and she had no idea until the last page where it said, ‘Will you adopt me?'”

The touching gesture made it the “best birthday ever,” according to Gopear.

“I was just in shock,” she recalled. “I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I was just so overwhelmed with it and crying a lot.”

Then, a day later, 23-year-old Christina popped the same question.

“Even though she’s been my mom, it’s a good feeling that it’s noted legally that I have nothing to do with my birth mother now,” she said.

But Gopear is more to both Christina and Emily than just a parent, the sister say, calling her their “best friend.”

“It’s like two best friends. She’s just an amazing woman always there, just caring and loving,” said Emily.

Christina added, “I call her every day. I see her every day. She truly just is my best friend.”

They will have to wait two to three months before they can have her name on their birth certificates.

“I can’t wait until she’s officially my mom,” Emily said.