Cal State Stanislaus Investigates White Supremacist Student Seen Punching Woman During Berkeley Trump Protest

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Cal State Stanislaus officials launched an “immediate investigation” this weekend after one of their students, white supremacist Nathan Damigo, was captured on video punching a woman in the face during a melee in Berkeley.

Nathan Damigo, the fouder of “Identity Evropa” and a Cal State Stanislaus student, is seen on campus in late 2016. (Credit: Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

“The university has zero tolerance for the use of violence and we will take all of the necessary legal and disciplinary measures to ensure that all students and everyone on campus have a safe and secure environment,” Cal State Stanislaus President Ellen Junn said in a statement Sunday.

Violent confrontations broke out in Berkeley on Saturday. Clashes between backers and critics of President Trump — and scuffles between self-described anti-fascists and white nationalists — resulted in 21 arrests and numerous injuries.

Damigo charged a diminutive woman who was involved in the fighting and punched her in the face, then ran away into the crowd.

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Expletive-laden video of the Berkeley protest, showing Damigo punching a woman, is below: