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Driver in Custody After Pursuit Involving Rental Truck in Van Nuys Area Ends With Police Using Taser: LAPD

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A man driving a large rental truck who led Los Angeles Police Department officers on a slow-speed chase through Van Nuys-area surface streets was taken into custody after officers used a Taser on him Tuesday morning, according to LAPD.

The nearly hourlong chase began following a call of an attempted suicide in the 8100 block of Langdon Avenue in Van Nuys, LAPD Officer Aaereon Jefferson said.

Los Angeles police took a driver in custody following a chase in the San Fernando Valley on April 25, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

When officers responded to the scene, the man allegedly stole the moving truck, prompting the pursuit, according to Jefferson.

The truck, which had "Penske" written on the sides, could be seen driving at slower speeds -- albeit erratically at times -- in the Van Nuys area shortly after 8:20 a.m., Sky5 video showed.

The aerial video footage showed the driver swerving across lanes and traveling on the wrong side of the road; at one point, the driver appeared to run a red light at a major intersection on Sherman Way, and it narrowly avoided oncoming traffic.

Around 8:25 a.m., an LAPD officer put a spike strip down near the intersection of Woodley Avenue and Sherman Way as the moving truck passed. It was unclear whether the truck had hit the spike strip, however, as it continued to travel on Woodley, gaining speed as it passed a railroad crossing.

Just before 8:30 a.m., the rental truck stopped along another semi in the area of Woodley and Chase Street -- in the North Hills area -- and multiple armed LAPD officers swarmed the large vehicle, Sky5 video showed.

LAPD officers swarmed a Penske rental truck after a chase ended in the North Hills area on April 25, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

Francisco Juarez, who was behind the wheel of the other stopped truck, told KTLA he had just pulled out of a Food 4 Less when he noticed the police activity and saw the suspect's truck approaching his vehicle.

“The guy stopped next to him, he tried – he got too close to my truck … where I was not able to move," Juarez said. The suspect

In the interview, Juarez recounted the frightening moment when the suspect got out of his vehicle and proceeded to try and carjack his truck.

"He came around my truck, and he tried opening the door first. But at that time, I already had locked the doors … So his next move was to try and break the window and I tried moving forward," he said. "But at the time, police officers approached him and they just demanded him to get on the ground, and luckily nothing happened to me.”

A short time after that, the driver could be seen on the ground of a nearby sidewalk in handcuffs, according to the video.

Jefferson told KTLA the suspect was taken into custody after police used a Taser on him. He did not say why the stun gun was deployed.

The driver's name was not immediately released, and no additional details were provided.

KTLA's Jennifer Thang contributed to this story.