Tensions Rise Between Trump Supporters, May Day Demonstrators in Downtown L.A.

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At the corner of Spring and 1st streets, about 150 President Trump supporters and self-described nationalists faced off with several hundred May Day protesters, exchanging insults as a line of helmeted LAPD officers kept them apart.

LAPD separate Trump supporters and May Day demonstrators on May 1, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

Holding signs that said said "Latinos for Trump," and "ICE ICE baby and "Deport illegals," the Trump supporters shouted "America First."

"We have the right to speak our minds," an African American man with a U.S. flag yelled into a megaphone. "I have the right to protect my family. You cannot take away my guns."

May Day protesters yelled back "Sieg Heil" and hoisted signs that read "If Trump builds a wall, we will tear it down!"

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