Lawmakers Demand to Know More About a Proposed Medical Experiment on Dogs at Los Angeles VA

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Dogs could be dying as part of a proposed experiment at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and members of Congress say they want more information about animal testing at the facility.

In a Monday letter to the Veterans Affairs Inspector General, Nevada Rep. Dina Titus and eight members of Los Angeles’ delegation demanded to know more about the experiment, including how much it could cost and what other experiments the Los Angeles VA is conducting on animals.

The proposed experiment involves giving 18 narcoleptic Dobermans antidepressants or methamphetamine, then killing the dogs and studying how the drugs affect the production of histamines — the body’s response to allergens — in their brains. The animal rights group White Coat Waste Project, which obtained a 2016 research application for the experiment through a Freedom of Information Act request, brought the proposed experiment to the attention of lawmakers.

The experiment’s goal is to determine if heightened histamine production in narcoleptics is a response to treatment or a part of the disease itself.

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