Evan Rogers, Storyteller

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Evan Rogers is an aspiring storyteller who grew up in San Jose. Imaginative from a young age, Evan wanted to figure out a way to bring the same joy he experienced from immersing himself in stories to other people. He turned to filmmaking as a way to channel his creativity, and even won a “Best Picture” award from a film festival at San Jose State University.

After finding no sustainable work in the Bay Area’s film industry, Evan decided to pull up stakes and move to Los Angeles. Once he arrived in L.A., Evan would discover just how difficult breaking into the industry can be. His first experience working on a film project evolved into a bizarre web of lies, mystery, and drama.

In this episode, Evan describes the harrowing tale of working on his first film in Los Angeles, and how that experience helped shape his outlook on what it means to follow your dreams. He also shares his insight and philosophies on how to find happiness doing the things you love.

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