Michael O’Brien, Magician

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Michael O’Brien is a professional magician in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Like many kids, Michael grew up fascinated with magic, even learning how to perform several simple tricks for friends and family. As he got older, his enthusiasm for magic waned as he began to focus on other things. It wasn’t until watching a sleight of hand magician performing on Hollywood Boulevard that Michael’s interest in magic was reignited, and he set out to achieve a dream of becoming professional magician.

By continually setting goals for himself, Michael carved his own path towards becoming a better performer. Eventually, he was able to commit to his craft full-time.Now, in addition to providing unique and memorable experiences for audiences of all ages as a magician, Michael using what he’s learned to help educate other up-and-coming magicians.

In this episode, Michael shares how he took magic from being a hobby, to a business. He also recounts the nerve-wracking experience of auditioning at the World Famous Magic Castle, and shares his thoughts on the importance of self-betterment.

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