L.A. School District Budget Includes Proposal for More Than 120 Layoffs 

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Samantha Hernandez, 8, left, checks out a book in May 2017 from library aide Nina Briggs at Meyler Street Elementary School in West Carson. Briggs won't lose her job but 30 other Los Angeles Unified library aides are targeted for layoffs. (Credit: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

A $7.5-billion Los Angeles schools budget set for approval Tuesday includes 121 layoffs and 180 “reassignments” that would result in pay cuts and possible additional job losses.

Among the hardest hit in the proposal are library aides: 30 would lose their jobs, leaving 43 elementary schools without library staffing because some of the aides work at two campuses. That’s about 9% of the library aides in the nation’s second-largest school system.

Others who would lose their jobs include some clerks, payroll specialists, accounting technicians, teaching aides and security aides. The number of central office administrators, coordinators and managers also would shrink by about 150. Many of them have tenure as school administrators or teachers and could return to these other positions — with reduced pay. The district believes it will have enough vacancies to accommodate them.

No teachers are targeted for layoffs. Although declining enrollment means fewer positions for instructors, the reduction is expected to come through attrition, such as teacher retirements.

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