Smell of ‘Something Dead’ Leads Fresno Authorities to Moving Truck Filled With Hundreds of Animals on Sweltering Day

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The smell of “something dead’ lingered around an old moving truck found parked in Fresno on a recent boiling hot day, officials said.

Nearly 1,000 animals were rescued June 16, 2017 from the back of a truck in Fresno amid sweltering heat. (Credit: Fresno Humane Animal Services)

The odor was enough to prompt a resident to notify local authorities.

When animal control officers arrived about 3 p.m. Friday, they “found a horrific situation:” 955 birds, rabbits, piglets, guinea pigs and other small critters in the back of the truck, according to the Fresno Humane Animal Services.

The temperature reached 107 in the back of the truck where the animals were tightly packed with no access to water, the nonprofit rescue organization said.

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