5 Tools To Help Protect Your Privacy Online

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There are lots of ways that websites track you online - here are 5 useful tools to help protect your privacy.

Insecure connections and trackers galore are just a few of the things we're up against when we surf online. Websites want to know our location, shopping habits, and more. Here are some of the tools you can use to take back at least some of your privacy.

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  1. Ghostery
    This is a handy add-on tool for your web browser that blocks as many trackers as it can. This means your pages will load faster and there will be less clutter as you surf. The plugin also lets you know exactly what it found and who's trying to track you. You're free to customize what's blocked and what isn't.
  2. HTTPS Everywhere
    This is a fantastic browser add-on from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Install it and it will force a secure web connection to every site you visit that supports it. This means whatever information you exchange with that site will be encrypted, so the chances of someone intercepting what you type is lessened.
  3. Opera Free VPN
    Usually, you have to pay for a VPN service, but Opera's app is totally free for Android and iOS. Once you install it and turn it on, it will make your web browsing more secure. I recommend turning it on when you are using a public wifi network, like what you would find in a hotel room or at a public event. As a bonus, there is an option for Opera's Free VPN app to block ads and trackers as you surf.
  4. Disconnect.me
    Disconnect is another privacy tool you can use on your desktop computer or your mobile phone. I especially like the way it integrates into Samsung phones. It has the ability to block ads, trackers and more as you surf the web. This means you will save money on data costs and your web pages will load faster. There is a free version but it's worth the upgrade to pay for the Premium service as you get many more features. You can find this one by looking in your Samsung Galaxy Apps store.
  5. Firefox Focus Browser
    This is a different kind of mobile web browser from Firefox - it's entire mission is to protect your privacy as you surf. Think of it as Chrome's Incognito Tab feature, but full time. It blocks ads, trackers and more as you surf the web. Once you close out the browser, it immediately deletes all of your surfing history.

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