Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man in Westlake District: LAPD

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An officer shot and killed a man with a gun in the Westlake area of Los Angeles on Wednesday, police said.

Officers were conducting their regular patrol of the neighborhood when, just after 7 p.m., they came across a man with a gun on the 400 block of Witmer Street, said Sal Ramirez, a public information officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The officers attempted to de-escalate the situation verbally, ordering the man — described as a Latino in his 40s — to put his gun down, according to LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery.

When he refused to comply, the officers fired a bean-bag gun, but that measure was ineffective in mitigating the threat, Montgomery said.

An officer-involved shooting occurred and the man was struck. Police did not say how many bullets were discharged or how many officers fired their weapons.

Officials requested an ambulance, but the man died before he could be transported for treatment, Montgomery said.

A handgun was later recovered from the scene.

The lethal use of force was required because the man did not obey officers' orders, Montgomery said.

"Any time you have an individual with a handgun not complying with the officer’s command that’s dangerous for not just the officers but it’s also … dangerous for everybody here,” he told KTLA.

Witnesses told KTLA the man was a known gang member and had been walking around with the gun, at times pointing it to his own head.

No law enforcement officials were injured in the incident.

Police did not disclose the man's identity, nor those of the officers involved.

The involved officers were wearing body cameras that captured footage of the confrontation, which was being reviewed along with dashcam video.

KTLA's Nidia Becerra and Matt Phillips contributed to this report.