Zack Golovan, Actor

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Zack Golovan is an actor in Los Angeles. Originally from Illinois, he grew up in the Chicago suburb of Buffalo Grove. As a kid, he enjoyed entertaining close friends and family, but he still considered himself to be  a shy person, so a life on stage didn’t seem likely. However, once he reached high school, Zack decided to give acting a shot. He found that being involved in the communal act of putting on performances helped him overcome his shyness, and empowered him to pursue the things he enjoyed.

Zack would continue to explore acting, comedy and improv, and eventually earned a B.A. in Theatre from Arizona State University. Instead of heading back to the comforts of his hometown in Illinois, he decided he would go to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Once he arrived Zack was met with many challenges. Instead of giving up, he viewed these challenges as opportunities to learn and open new opportunities.

In this episode, you will hear how theatre and improv helped Zack come out of his shell. He also shares his story of pursuing an audition that landed him in some hot water, and how the support he’s found in the acting community has helped urge him to continue pursuing his goals.

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