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“Best Of” Mixtape: Part One

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As Frank Buckley enjoys a well-deserved vacation, we’re dipping into the back catalog of the Frank Buckley Interviews podcast to bring you the first of a two-part “Best Of” series. Frank has sat down for one-on-one interviews with over 50 guests that have included actors, entrepreneurs, journalists, medical professionals and more. Presented by Spoken Dreams producer Bobby Gonzalez, this episode explores clips from past guests who have had a profound impact in the world of music.

First, Curt Smith from the iconic band “Tears for Fears” opens up about the band’s breakup, and how after a decade of not speaking to each other, he and bandmate Roland Orzabal found a way to work together again. Then, prolific music producer Jimmy Jam recalls what it was like collaborating alongside legendary artist Prince. Finally, Asdru Sierra of the eclectic band Ozomatli shares his insights on the band’s identity, the culture of music, and the struggles of life on the road.

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