Tropical Storm Brings Powerful Surf to SoCal Beaches

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A high surf advisory remained in effect for Southern California beaches Wednesday, attracting many people to the beaches despite the dangerous waves.

A large swell caused by Tropical Cyclone Eugene was expected to peak, creating 10 feet waves in Newport Beach, and 4 to 8 feet at other beaches, according to the National Weather Service.

Newport Beach is known as a dangerous spot and not for amateurs, but many brave surfers, swimmers and body boarders came hoping for big waves.

"It's definitely an expert spot," surfer Ace Conlon said. "I wouldn't even advise people coming here unless they have a lot of like, ocean experience."

There were also many onlookers on the beach, enjoying a front-row surf show.

"Well if it gets 10 feet or more, forget it, I mean, you have to be expert," said spectator and former surfer Rick Roswell.

The high surf advisory has been in effect since Tuesday, and will remain in effect until 10 p.m. Wednesday for south-facing beaches throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura and San Diego counties, and the Santa Barbara Islands.