Beachgoers Warned After Nearly 220,000 Gallons of Sewage Spills Into Ocean Along Ventura County Coast

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Signs warn the public to stay out of the water in a file photo at a Los Angeles area beach. (Credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

A 219,000-gallon sewage spill along a stretch of the Ventura County coastline triggered warnings to beachgoers due to possible health hazards.

The spill occurred Sunday when a power outage affected a treatment plant in Oxnard, according to the Ventura County Environmental Health Division. The sewage was then released through a line about a mile from the shore and into the Pacific Ocean.

Workers posted notices along Ormond Beach in Oxnard and Hueneme Beach Park in Port Hueneme. Swimmers and surfers were cautioned and urged to keep out of the water.

The notices will be posted at Ormond Beach until Wednesday, or until lab test results “meet ocean water quality standards,” health officials said in a statement.

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