“Best Of” Mixtape: Part Two

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In this follow-up to last week’s “Best Of” episode, producer Bobby Gonzalez shares clips from past interviews featuring an even wider array of Frank Buckley Interviews guests. For the better part of a year, Frank Buckley has had intimate in-depth conversations with various celebrities, authors, journalists, entrepreneurs, and more. This episode serves as an introduction to just some of the many notable interviews, as well as a look back at some of the interesting, enlightening, and personal stories that were shared on the podcast.

Some of the people you’ll hear from include comedian George Lopez, who opens up about his troubled childhood. Respected journalist Josh Mankiewicz shares his most memorable story working as a correspondent for Dateline NBC. You’ll also hear from NBA legend James Worthy as he recounts meeting and playing ball with a young Michael Jordan, and Roy Choi talks about his struggles before starting the Kogi Korean BBQ food truck. You’ll hear all these stories and more on this “Best Of” episode of Frank Buckley Interviews.

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