Oklahoma Family Shocked to Discover SUV Wrapped in Plastic, Buried in Backyard

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An SUV found buried in an Oklahoma family's backyard may now be two tons of evidence in a crime that's nearly 15 years old, police say.

The 2003 Chevy Trailblazer was discovered in the middle of a dirt-bike trail on a property in Shawnee, east of Oklahoma City, according to KTLA sister station KFOR.

"We jumped off this car for several years with our ATV and motocross bikes, without ever knowing it," said property owner Fredie Green.

His son, Cody, was trying to adjust the jump when his tractor unearthed something unusual.

"Went down a little deep and the tractor just stopped," Cody said. "I went, 'Man, what is this?' Well, I end up digging some more and got to the hood of it."

He called his father to let him know.

"'Dad, we got a car buried 6 foot underground,' and I told my son, 'Stop right there and leave it alone,'" Green said.

He called authorities, fearing the worst. "Just (wanted to) make sure that there were no dead bodies in the car," he said.

Deputies dug it up, dragged it out, and tore the doors off, finding no bodies inside.

However, they were able to use the license plate left on the vehicle to discover it was reported stolen by the previous owner.

"He had reported it stolen in 2003," said Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office Lt. Robert Stewart. "He at one time owned that property that vehicle was located on."

No one has been charged yet, but deputies suspect it could be insurance fraud.

"It's amazing that someone could even go that far to bury a brand new car," Fredie said. "It's amazing."