Video Shows Teacher, Aide Dragging 7-Year-Old With Autism at Ohio School

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A teacher and an aide at a school in Crestline, Ohio, are on leave after a video emerged this week on Facebook showing a 7-year-old child with autism being dragged through the school hallways.

It happened back in May, after Corbin Kemle had apparently misbehaved in the school playground, KTLA sister station WJW reported Friday.

Crestline Schools Superintendent Noreen Mullins told the station WJW that the kindergarten teacher and the aide, seen in the video dragging the boy, have both been on paid administrative leave since the incident. The Crawford County Prosecutor's Office will not pursue felony charges against them, but the two may still face disciplinary measures.

Corbin's mom, Bonnie McKean, posted surveillance video of what happened on her Facebook page this week.

"I am still in shock," McKean told WJW. "They dragged him. It makes me ill."

The surveillance video shows the child being dragged into the school and through some of the school's hallways.  The video has over 90,000 views.

McKean plans to pursue charges in municipal court and is also considering a civil suit.

Another mother in the school district, Tiffiny Ellenberger, has video of her 11-year-old son allegedly being assaulted by a Crestline school custodian in the cafeteria in May.  Mullins said the custodian has since retired. A misdemeanor assault charge was filed against that employee.  His case was turned over to a court diversion program.

Mullins said all three employees did not have any prior problems. She said she was concerned when she saw the video of both incidents.