Danny Salay, Actor

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Danny Salay is an actor from Kenmore, New York. The only real experience with performing he had as a kid was acting in home movies shot around the neighborhood by his cousin. Growing up, Danny’s life was Baseball. He was a member of an NCAA College Championship team, and for a short time was even included in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

After growing restless, Danny joined the Peace Corps and helped with clean water projects in Zambia. It was there that he realized he did not want to waste the opportunities provided to him in the United States. He decided to head to Los Angeles and pursue his dream of being an actor. Eventually his journey lead him to China, where he would spend over six years working as an actor. Why? So he could try to achieve his goal of working on a film with action star Jackie Chan.

In this episode, Danny opens up about how after growing up an athlete, he was able to tap into his creativity to pursue acting. He tells the story of his encounter with one of his idols, Jackie Chan, and shares details about the journey that took him to China to work as an actor, and what eventually brought him back to Los Angeles.

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