Every Item at This Online Grocery Store Is $3

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A new online store called Brandless sells high quality, organic and non-GMO items for just $3 each.

Brandless is all about high-quality products at affordable prices. They stock organic, gluten free and non-GMO items in categories including food, health and household supplies. Every item is $3, which makes shopping simple.

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The company sent me a box of popular items to check out - and to see how the site truly works, I also placed my own order of items.

brandless review 2017

Brandless says it saves customers money by cutting out all of the expenses big brands have to deal with - like marketing and fancy packaging. Brandless items come in basic packages with bold, bright color and simple text that lists what's inside and what's not.

I tried peanut butter, organic gummy worms, blueberry flax granola, peppermint mouthwash and more. Since everything is priced at $3, sometimes you will get more or less of an item. For instance, the Mac & Cheese I ordered was two boxes. The peanut butter came in a much smaller jar than you would expect.

The quality and taste? A bit mixed. Some items, like the Blueberry Flax Granola could become a staple in my house. My kids loved the Mac & Cheese. The $3 coffee pods weren't the best I've tasted, and neither was the mouthwash. All of the cookies I tasted were fantastic, and I love how nothing contains high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

The selection at Brandless continues to grow and there are a lot of items to choose from across various categories including food, household supplies, beauty, personal care and more. I ordered highlighters and a pair of kitchen tongs in the same order that delivered dish soap, hand lotion and gluten free blueberry muffin mix.

Overall, I like what Brandless is doing. It's refreshing to not have to look at ingredients to know they're real and high quality. The pricing makes it super simple to shop. Yes, some items are hit or miss, which might lead you to not order them again, but at a $3 price point, you don't feel too bad if something isn't to your liking. On the plus side, when you do discover some gems at this price, you feel like you're really stumbled onto something good.

The biggest downside to Brandless right now is the shipping. Orders cost a flat rate of $9 to ship and don't arrive as fast as Amazon. Due to some sort of mistake, my order was delayed and the company ended up refunding me the entire amount to my credit card - without me asking or saying anything. I believe it was due to the rush of orders placed when the site first opened for business.

There are some ways to cut down on shipping costs. You can spend $72 for free shipping or join Brandless' "B.More" membership for $36 a year and get free shipping on your orders over $48. I find that the site often has promo codes for reduced shipping costs and if you sign up for their email alerts you can find shipping for as low as $3.

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Use code hello3 at checkout for $3 shipping on your first order.