San Francisco Breaks All-Time Heat Record at 106 Degrees During Hottest Recorded Summer

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Lilly Santiago, 5, left, cools off with her mother, Lupita, 56, after playing basketball at Lanark Park on August 31, 2017. (Credit: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

In almost 150 years of record keeping, it has never been as hot in San Francisco as it was on Friday.

Amid a brutal heat wave that has broiled California for a week while intermittently knocking out power to thousands and fueling more than a dozen wildfires, downtown San Francisco hit 106 degrees.

“San Francisco continues to climb. Latest high temperature for downtown is an incredible 106 degrees!” the National Weather Service’s Bay Area station tweeted Friday.

The previous record was 103 degrees, set in 2000. San Franciscans got creative on social media to document their pain.

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