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Mimi G, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

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Mimi G is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and DIY expert behind Mimi G Style. Mimi was born in Puerto Rico, and spent most of her childhood growing up in Chicago. While Mimi has fond memories of her early childhood, things began to change by the time she reached her early teens. At a young age, Mimi made the decision to leave for Los Angeles to escape a troubled family life that included sexual and physical abuse.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Mimi continued to endure many tribulations that included homelessness, abuse, and raising her daughters with little income. After some years, Mimi was able to find stability in L.A., but still struggled with the stresses of having to provide for her family. To help clear her mind, she rediscovered her love for sewing, and eventually began blogging about her fashion-forward creations. To her surprise, the blog began to gain a lot of attention, and  has now lead to partnerships, sponsorship, and television appearances. Through hard work, persistence, and talent, Mimi G was able to turn her life into an ever-growing success story.

Mimi G appears alongside Tim Gunn on the set of Project Runway: Junior.

In this episode, Mimi G opens up about the difficulties of her past, and how they have helped shape the woman she is today. She talks about her journey from homelessness, to becoming a successful blogger and online personality. She also shares details of the defining moment of being featured as a mentor on Project Runway: Junior.

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