Outpouring of Support for 2 California Street Vendors After Viral Videos Capture Their Struggle

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Two embattled sidewalk food vendors — one whose cart was knocked over by an angry man in Hollywood and another whose bacon hot dog profits were confiscated by a UC Berkeley bicycle officer — are enjoying a groundswell of public support after their misfortunes were captured on video.

The vendor, identified only as Juan, is seen in a photo posted to a GoFundMe page.

Thousands of dollars have been raised for a Berkeley hot dog vendor after a viral video showed him being cited by an officer. An image from the video was posted to a GoFundMe page.

In Los Angeles, Benjamin Ramirez, an elotero who sells cooked corn on the cob, was given a new, tricked-out cart by the Los Ryderz bicycle club after his old cart was damaged in July.

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On Facebook, club member Art Ramirez (no relation to Benjamin) wrote about what inspired the club to design the customized cart, which has stylish tires and spokes and the words “el elotero” written in a painted script on the side next to a big ear of corn on a stick.

“I first saw Benjamin in an altercation with a belligerent neighbor on the news,” Ramirez wrote Tuesday. “I realized his 15 minutes were at hand. The intent of my friends and I has been from the very start, to make his last 5 minutes in the light be the best. Good luck Benjamin.”

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