Dom Marcell, Singer-songwriter

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Dom Marcell is a Wall St. banker turned Hollywood singer-songwriter. Dom was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New Orleans. he discovered his love for performing when he was in high school, and found that music helped him break out of his shell. He decided he would continue to pursue a career in music, and positioned himself closer to the industry by attending college at USC in Los Angeles.

When his music career didn’t seem to be taking off, Dom shelved his dreams for a while and decided to focus more on business. He would eventually earn a JD/MBA from North Western University, and worked on Wall Street as an investment banker. Despite his success in the business world, Dom did not feel the same passion for business and law as many of his colleagues, so he decided to exit his firm to continue his pursuit of a career in music.

In this episode, Dom describes how his background in business has helped him be more successful in his music career. He also shares his experience of producing his first music video, and how he hopes his journey serves as an inspiration to all those wanting to pursue their passion.

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