Kyla Garcia, Actress

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Kyla Garcia is an actress from Hoboken, New Jersey. As a young girl, Kyla never had any doubt that she wanted to be an actress. Even as a child, she took her craft seriously, and it wasn’t long before others took notice of her undeniable talents. As a performer, Kyla exhibited confidence and focus, never straying from her dream of being an actress. With a strong desire to tell stories and create art within her community, Kyla seemed to always have control over her own destiny.

However, while she was refining her craft at Rutgers University, things began to change for Kyla. For the first time since childhood, her confidence as a performer began to falter. She found her focus pulled from her craft and towards  an emotional personal struggle. At the most important point of her career as an actress, Kyla began to wonder if the path she had set out before her was the one she was meant to be on.

In this episode, Kyla opens up about her journey as an actress that has taken her from New York, to London, to Los Angeles. She shares some of her personal writings, and recalls how a chance encounter with a stranger in a New York City bar helped her make a bold leap towards pursuing her dreams.

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