San Fernando Valley Pursuit Ends Unresolved After Suspect Vehicle Exhibits Dangerous Maneuvering

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Officials were in pursuit of a black sedan in the San Fernando Valley on Friday night but pulled ground units off the chase after the driver became increasingly reckless.

It was unclear what crime the driver was suspected of committing, but Los Angeles Police Officer Drake Madison said it was a felony.

Los Angeles police officials were not immediately available to provide details on what time or how the pursuit began.

Sky5 was overhead as the vehicle evaded Los Angeles Police Department patrol cruisers on surface streets, briefly entering the 101 Freeway before speeding down Woodley Avenue.

The vehicle was weaving through traffic along roads throughout the area, at one point pushing its way through a McDonald’s parking lot.

Around 9:30 p.m., police ceased their ground pursuit of the car. Authorities had apparently determined the vehicle’s reckless driving posed too much of a threat to justify continuing a potentially unsafe chase when considering the severity of the crime.