C-zar Wisemen, Rapper/Poet

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C-zar Wisemen is a rapper, poet, and aspiring actor from Charlottesville, Virginia. While C-zar describes his childhood in Charlottesville as fairly normal, he struggled in school at an early age. Instead of offering guidance and encouragement, his teachers antagonized him and subjected him to verbal abuse.

To escape the turmoil of his life at school, C-zar found refuge in music. He also began writing poetry as a way to articulate his feelings. Influenced by the programming and artists on BET, MTV, and VH1, C-zar’s writing eventually evolved into rap. He began to pursue a rap career in Charlottesville, and would eventually make his way out to Los Angeles.

In this episode, C-zar shares his early experiences in Charlottesville, including the incarceration that would push him to use his words as a force for positive change. He talks about starting his own rap label, Philosophy Entertainment LLC, and how he hopes to use his music label to help elevate other artists like himself.

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