Connor Strader, Independent Filmmaker

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Connor Strader began his journey into independent filmmaking as a young kid growing up in New York. He and his friends would run around the neighborhood making up stories and shooting films using Connor’s parents’ camcorder. Eventually, they got him his own video camera with editing software, and his love for cinema and movie-making continued to flourish.

Connor studied film production at Emerson College in Boston, and ended up in Los Angeles after landing an internship at Blumhouse Productions. After finishing the the internship and graduating college Connor struggled to find work in the industry, and he soon found that his own filmmaking was falling by the wayside. He then had a realization that he didn’t want to spend his life making other peoples’ visions come true, and that he would commit himself to fulfilling his own creative ambitions.

In this episode, Connor shares his journey as an independent filmmaker, including how he made his short film “Bag Man”, based on a film he had made in his childhood. He opens up about why he finds making movies so fulfilling, and the surprising response to his latest short film release.

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