Body of Michigan Woman Missing for 5 Months Found After Husband Kills Himself

A body found Tuesday has been identified as a Michigan woman named Theresa Lockhart, who had been missing for nearly six months, according to police.

Lockhart, of Portage, had been missing since May, according to KTLA sister station WXMI in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Her husband, Christopher Lockhart, was named a person of interest after police said he wasn't cooperating with the investigation.

On Tuesday, Christopher Lockhart was found dead at his home in the 10000 block of Poplar Bluff in Portage, authorities said. Police confirmed during a Wednesday news conference that he hanged himself.

Authorities also said during the news conference that he left behind a message with a map showing where Theresa Lockhart's body was.

He also admitted to killing her on May 18 after he "snapped" during an argument, police said.

It took deputies in Allegan County just a few hours to find Theresa's body in Valley Township and the Allegan Game Area.

"As to the note found at [Lockhart's home], not only did that contain a hand-drawn map that led us to ultimately find Theresa, but it also contained a written confession by Chris Lockhart," said Portage Public Safety Director Nicholas Armold.

Lockhart had been missing for 154 days, according to Armold.