3 Free Ways To Get & Improve Your Credit Score

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Three tools that can help you get your credit score for free - and alert you about potential ID theft.

If you're applying for a loan or trying to get a house - your credit score is key. These tools can help you access your credit score for free, give you ways to improve it and even provide some level of ID theft monitoring. Keep in mind all of these sites have both a website and a mobile app so you can see where you stand on the go!

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Source: Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame

This site gives you a free credit score that is updated monthly. It also gives you a complete view of your loans so you can see your debt to income ratio.

Credit Sesame can also give you real-time alerts about changes to your credit - plus suggestions on how to improve your score.

Source: Credit Karma

Credit Karma

This site lets you see your monthly score but from two different reporting companies - TransUnion and Equifax.

You can also get credit alerts and see what is affecting your scores. One really nice feature is something called "direct dispute." It can help you correct mistakes on your report.

Source: WalletHub


This is my personal favorite since it gives you access to your full credit report in addition to your score. WalletHub can alert you to changes in your credit as well. This is the only site that gives you the most up to date information since your score is refreshed on a daily basis.

WalletHub can also give you a credit analysis - plus a look at credit cards that you'll likely get approved for.


Keep in mind - these services are free but what they're really trying to do is sell you stuff - they make money when you take out a new loan or credit card. Checking your credit on these apps won't affect your score. If you're wondering about security, you should be! Always be cautious about handing out your sensitive personal information - all of these apps use industry standard security procedures to protect your data.

If you don't need any extra credit advice or loan shopping tools, you can always get a copy of your credit report for free from all of the three major agencies at AnnualCreditReport.com. Keep in mind this does not include your credit score.

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