Antonette Leonie, Filmmaker/Actress

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Antonette Leonie is a filmmaker and actress originally from South Plainfield, New Jersey. While she always saw herself as a creative person, Toni came from a family of medical professionals, so a future in the arts was not an idea that was necessarily embraced by the people close to her. In 6th grade, Toni performed in the school musical, and fell in love with the experience.  Perhaps her biggest supporter was her mother, who helped her rehearse, memorize lines, and encouraged her newfound passion for acting.

Just a year later, however, a family tragedy would lead to Antonette giving up acting. She instead decided to attend college pursuing a more practical career path. But all the while, Toni never completely lost her lover for film, theater, and the arts. After studying abroad in Italy, her true ambitions were once again drawn out of her, and Toni began a journey of rediscovering her passion and realizing her potential.

In this episode, Toni reflects on the personal experiences that influence her art. She shares how she finally made the choice to pursue her dreams of being a filmmaker, and recounts how she made the difficult decision to leave the comforts of home to seek new opportunities in Hollywood.

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