Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Warns of Email Scam Targeting Netflix Subscribers

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An email scam targeting potentially millions of Netflix subscribers prompted a warning from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday.

The scam involves an email alerting the subscriber that their account has been suspended, according to a post on the Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page, which was shared from the California State Sheriffs’ Association’s page. The email’s subject line reads, “Your suspension notification,” and the message features a Netflix logo.

The electronic communication also has a link that goes to a fake Netflix page asking for the subscriber’s login information and a credit card number, the post stated, citing the web security company Mailguard.

According to Mailguard’s website, the email scam — which first popped up last Friday — “is relatively well designed.” It utilizes a template with a generic body, but the email also has personalized messages that addresses a specific recipient.

While the email may look “quite convincing,” Mailguard explained it only leads to a fake a website, and is merely a ploy to steal the person’s identity and financial information.

The web security company is urging users not to click on the email “without thinking first.”

Netflix has been the subject of other phishing scams this year, including the most recent one in September.

The company’s website addresses such scams, telling users that Netflix will not ask for personal information to be sent over email, including payment information, social security numbers and account passwords. Netflix’s help center also offers tips to any subscriber who receives a fraudulent email or text appearing to be from the company.