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Rustom, Former Actor

I first met Rustom close to a decade ago while we were both working at the same theme park. We only ever worked one shift together, but he was very friendly and funny, and we got along well. One day, I was at the movie theater and saw Rustom in one of those “silence your cell phone” ads! That was how I first learned Rustom was an actor. After that, I noticed Rustom appearing in countless other nationally aired commercials. I assumed that Rustom was enjoying great success working as an actor.

After contacting Rustom to share his journey on the podcast, I found out things were going very differently than I had perceived. Rustom told me he was actually in the process of quitting acting, as he had been struggling financially and personally. He admitted that it probably wasn’t the best time to share his story openly and honestly, and that we would contact me in the future should he feel ready to share his experiences. Then, just a few months later, I got the call.

In this episode, Rustom opens up about his trajectory as a commercial actor. He shares candid and honest accounts of the true struggles of being an actor in Los Angeles including sordid business dealings, financial burdens, and broken relationships. Rustom explains what eventually drove him to quit acting, and how he was able to find happiness once again.

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