‘Norman the Scooter Dog’ Has Lymphoma and a GoFundMe for Him Has Raised Over $20K

He beat records as the "fastest dog on a scooter," but now Norman the Scooter Dog has a new challenge ahead: lymphoma.

Norman scoots across the set on the KTLA Morning News.

Norman scoots across the set on the KTLA Morning News.

The famous pooch, who's glided across the set of the KTLA 5 News more than once, has been diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma. A GoFundMe page was set up for him back in June, but just this month, an animal cancer charity called The Perseus Foundation has stepped up to help raise funds in light of him needing more medical care, according to the page.

By Saturday night, the fundraiser has raised over $23,800 of a $42,000 goal. The GoFundMe page tells the story of Norman's journey as a two-time Guinness World record holder and skilled scooter rider, capable of pedaling a bicycle or pushing his hind legs against the pavement to balance a scooter.

"Norman has often been likened to a man in a dog suite because of his goofy personality and heartwarming charm," the page states.

It all started with a 2011 David Letterman appearance, and before long, Norman was appearing on more TV talks shows and attracting attention across the internet — his Youtube page has 4K subscribers and tens of thousands of views.

He's appeared on the KTLA 5 Morning News show, such as in October 2012, when he balanced his body upright on a bright blue and black scooter and strode across the stage using his hind legs.

But the beloved French sheepdog's life changed when his owners noticed him "panting a lot and being a little clingy," the GoFundMe page states. A visit to the vet seemed to clear him but then his owners noticed some swollen lymph nodes and eventually he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma.

People can donate through the GoFundMe page for Norman and or visit The Perseus Foundation for more information.