Mac Quayle, Composer

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Mac Quayle is an Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated composer currently scoring USA  Network’s suspense-thriller Mr. Robot. His scoring credits also include hit shows like American Horror Story, Feud: Bette and Joan, American Crime Story, and Scream Queens. While Mac has become an accomplished composer, he didn’t always have the idea that he would be making music for Hollywood. Mac grew up in Virginia, where his introduction to music was singing in the church choir. Eventually, he’d join the school marching band, and then began playing new wave & punk music in local rock groups. Later, Mac found success producing dance music in New York.

When the music industry went into an upheaval and jobs began disappearing, Mac pulled up stakes and headed to Los Angeles with just a vague idea of perhaps working in film and television. That vague idea would eventually lead Mac to being a highly sought composer, even earning him an Emmy win for his music on Mr. Robot. Now, Mac is preparing to perform his music from Mr. Robot live at the historic Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, which could kick off the next chapter of Mac’s career as an accomplished musician and composer.

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