Video: Deputy Chases 3 Bears Away After Spotting Them Outside Taco Bell in NorCal Shopping Center

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In a caught-on-video incident, three bears spotted outside a Taco Bell in a Tahoe City shopping center Monday night were chased away by a deputy.

Deputy Nevins was patrolling the Lighthouse Center when he encountered the trio near the fast-food restaurant, according to a post on the Placer County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

In the footage, which was posted Tuesday afternoon, Nevins approaches the three “little” bears, according to the post.

As he does so, they run off. One of the bears then appears to try and get into a trash can outside a CVS Pharmacy before being chided by the deputy, the nearly 40-second footage shows.

“We love how they all gathered up and took off together! “Here comes the cops, run!!” the tongue-in cheek post read.

This wasn’t the first encounter Nevins has head with bears while on duty. Described as “the resident bear whisperer,” Nevins had another experience involving one last month in Kings Beach.

In that incident, Nevins was in his vehicle when he spotted the “suspicious subject” walking along an empty street after dark, according to the Sheriff’s Office.