Woman’s Co-Worker Killed by Her Child’s Jealous Father in Fontana Hit-and-Run: Police

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A man and a woman, both 20 years old, were arrested Thursday in Rialto in connection with an alleged plot to kill someone who worked with the woman, police said.

John Nieto, left, and Elisabeth Mancilla are seen in booking photos released Nov. 23, 2017, by the Fontana Police Dept.

John Nieto, left, and Elisabeth Mancilla are seen in booking photos released Nov. 23, 2017, by the Fontana Police Dept.

Investigators believe John Nieto intentionally struck and killed 18-year-old Cristian Dominguez-Aguilar because Nieto was jealous that the mother of his child sometimes gave Aguilar a ride home from work.

Detectives also say the woman, 20-year-old Elisabeth Mancilla, witnessed the crime but did not notify police or stop to render aid to Aguilar and instead gave Nieto a ride from the scene.

Aguilar was run over outside the 7-Eleven at 17710 E. Foothill Blvd. in Fontana shortly after 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, the Fontana Police Department said in a press release.

First responders found the Fontana resident in critical condition and transported him to a hospital, where he later died, officials said.

The 7-Eleven that was the scene of the crime was where Mancilla would drop him off when the two carpooled, investigators said.

Nieto believed that Mancilla and Aguilar were engaged in a romantic relationship, but detectives have found that is likely untrue.

After Aguilar was dropped off on Wednesday and began crossing the street to his home, Nieto allegedly attempted to run him over in his 2003 Chevy pickup.

He was at first unsuccessful and Aguilar fled on foot. But Nieto was eventually able to strike him, and at the same time ran his truck into the 7-Eleven, police said.

The vehicle was no longer operable and Nieto was forced to flee on foot.

But police say he was soon picked up by Mancilla, who saw the whole thing and did not call authorities or attempt to render aid. She then took Nieto to his home in San Bernardino before driving to her house in Rialto, officials said.

Both were taken into custody Thursday morning at Mancilla’s Rialto home.

Nieto was arrested on suspicion of homicide, while Mancilla was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to murder, according to police.

A GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the victim’s  funeral was started Thursday.

The case remains under investigation.

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