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Carjacking Suspect Arrested After Fleeing to Norwalk Rooftop in Hourslong Standoff

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A man suspected of a carjacking was arrested Friday night after being in a standoff with authorities for over six hours when he jumped onto the rooftop of a home in Norwalk in an attempt to flee, officials said.

The man lingered atop the roof for hours after an attempted carjacking earlier in the afternoon, authorities said. That incident happened just about four blocks away from the rooftop standoff, which occurred in the area near Studebaker Road and Hermes Street.

When authorities tried getting the man to come down, he refused and the standoff went on for hours as nearby streets were closed.

At some point, when authorities were pursuing the man, one deputy was left with minor injuries, officials said.

Meanwhile, the people inside the house the man was standing on were eventually told to leave the residence for their safety after first being told to remain there.

"We just heard sirens and then we heard him running on the roof," said Christina Eckensberger, who lives in the home. "We tried to go outside but the police told us to go back inside."

"They told us to lock our doors, lock our windows and stay inside," she said. "And then when he started moving around on the roof, they told us to evacuate the house."

A woman who was with the man at the time of the suspected attempted carjacking was arrested as well.

Officials said the standoff began around 3 p.m., and at about 9:30 p.m., the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department tweeted that it was over.

Shortly after he got down from the roof, using a ladder from authorities, the man was arrested. Officials said he did not appear to be armed and no weapons were found at the scene.

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