Police Open Fire on Man Holding Infant Daughter Hostage in Covina Standoff; Infant Is Safe

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Update: The L.A. County Sheriff's Department confirmed the man died after several officers opened fire on the suspect, hitting him multiple times in the upper torso. Read KTLA's latest story here

A man was allegedly holding his 7-month-old infant daughter hostage in a standoff with police and SWAT officers in Covina Sunday night until he was seen being taken away with a white sheet draped over his body shortly before 11 p.m., officials said.

The standoff started shortly after 3 p.m. and continued into the night past 10 p.m. — an over seven-hour ordeal that allegedly started with an argument between the man and his girlfriend, police said. It finally came to an end when shots were fired and the man could be seen scrambling out of the car. Officials said the baby was safe but had not confirmed the condition of the man.

As it was still dragging on around 9 p.m., police and SWAT officers could be seen surrounding the white car the man was inside near Kalher Russell Park.

A man is seen holding his infant daughter hostage in Covina on Nov. 26, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

A man is seen holding his infant daughter hostage in Covina on Nov. 26, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

Earlier, in the afternoon, the couple was arguing in their car when an officer approached them, police said. The man, who is 22 years old, pulled a knife on the officer and made threats to hurt himself.

When officers tried to subdue him by striking him with a Taser, police said, they were unsuccessful as he managed to pull the electrical barbs out of him and the standoff continued to go on.

At some point, the woman got out of the car, officials said. A witness told KTLA the woman got out around the same time the police officer first approached the couple.

"I just saw the white car, the sedan, get pulled over by one squad car," said Brittany Prodan, a witness. "So when I saw that happen, I saw the girlfriend get out."

Prodan said it was unclear if the woman got out of the car on her own or was forced out.

For hours, the man's girlfriend and local police pleaded with him to end the standoff and let his infant daughter go free. One witness told KTLA the man was refusing to cooperate with law enforcement and sometimes holding the baby out in front of him.

"He picks the baby up and ... sometimes he'll put the baby in front of him to kind of like block the police," said Jean Claisse, a witness. "(The police) were saying 'We want to help you, we want to help you'. And he was saying some bad words back to them."

A woman who identified herself as the man's mother arrived to the scene just before 9 p.m. Another woman who said she's the man's sister also came, and they told KTLA the man wouldn't hurt his baby daughter and loves her.

Throughout the standoff, the man would move in and out of the vehicle, sometimes holding the baby in front of him as police tried to communicate with him through a loud speaker, officials said.

As the man barricaded himself inside the car, officers alerted others in the surrounding area to stay put as they tried to reach the man, according to Prodan.

"As I started up my car and try to exit the parking lot, two other cop cars come and they say 'You need to stay there,'" Prodan said.

Correction: A previous version of this story said the suspect was dead but he was only seen being taken away from the scene with a white sheet draped over his body. Officials have not confirmed his death. Also, the name of the park was misspelled.