Michael Padilla, Actor

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Michael Padilla is an aspiring actor who recently relocated to Los Angeles from San Jose. In school, Michael was often categorized as “the weird kid,” which is a title that he took great pride in. His desire to become a performer came from watching other teens on television shows on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Michael wondered why he himself was not on television, and what he could do to get there. His path to becoming an actor began the same way as many others– by performing in the school musical.

Things began to change when Michael entered high school. As it became less acceptable to be “the weird kid,” Michael questioned whether being an actor was what he really wanted, or whether it was just a phase he was going through. Suddenly, the boy who was never afraid to be himself began to withdraw and close himself off; even from the family he had always been so close to growing up. Michael began to question whether his dreams of being a star were worth pursuing, and he would find the answer in an unlikely place.

In this episode, Michael describes the experience of working to make his dreams a reality. He shares the difficulties of pursuing acting while being such a young age, and opens up about how he hopes a move to Hollywood will help launch his career.

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