‘It Was Pretty Horrific’: 77-Year-Old Woman Mauled to Death by Dog Who Lived in Her Illinois Home

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Police shot and killed a pit bull that mauled a 77-year-old woman to death in the yard of a suburban Illinois home Monday afternoon.

Officers responded to Komensky Avenue and 116th Street in Alsip after a young man walking his dog saw the attack and called police, KTLA sister station WGN in Chicago reported.

When they arrived, police say the dog was still aggressive and they were forced to shoot it. Officers tried to give the woman first aid but it was too late.  Police said the woman lived at that address and that the 6-year-old pit bull was a pet in the home, though they did not say if she owned the dog.

"It was pretty horrific," Alsip Deputy Chief Shawn Schuldt told Alsip Patch. "If I go through the rest of my career without seeing something like this, that would be a good thing. I feel extremely bad for the family and we offer them our condolences."

Authorities have not yet identified the woman.

Schuldt said the dog appeared well cared for and that the department had never received any prior calls from residents or neighbors reporting the animal behaving aggressively.

It was not immediately known whether anyone else was at the home when the attack occurred.

The incident is under investigation.