Video Captures Violent Crash in Whittier That Left Driver Injured, Witnesses Say

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Several surveillance videos show the dramatic moments when a vehicle crashed into a parked car and overturned in Whittier, leaving a driver injured, witnesses told KTLA Monday.

Christina and Gianni Cortez said they were jolted by a powerful crash Saturday night that occurred in front of their bedroom window, right outside their apartment complex in the 14400 block of East Mulberry Street.

"The impact was very loud -- so loud that the apartment building emptied out," Gianni Cortez said. "On the video you could see the high speed ... how fast the car was traveling -- when it was upside-down, even, it was going really fast.”

After crashing into the parked vehicle, the car caused a chain-reaction of damage, the surveillance footage showed.

Several residents raced to the crash site and pulled the female driver from the wreckage.

"When we finally got her out of the car, she kept saying, 'My baby, my baby.' Then she said that three guys had robbed her," Christina Cortez said, adding there was no evidence of a baby in the vehicle. "There was no trace of anything, there were alcohol beverages all over in the car, and out on the lawn, in the street."

The driver was transported to a hospital, but did not appear seriously injured, according to the couple. Gianni said the only injury he observed was a small amount of blood on her hands.

It was unclear if the driver would face any charges, and authorities have not released any information about whether alcohol played a role in the crash.