Amaris Gagnon, Writer

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Amaris Gagnon is a writer from the small town of Agawam, Massachusetts. Writing has been something that Amaris has enjoyed doing since childhood. She would think up exciting stories and share them with her family. A young girl of a diverse cultural background, Amaris attended school in a community where diversity was not very common, and wasn’t necessarily celebrated by her peers. While Amaris was very outgoing, she spent most of her school life trying to fit in, and thus put any big aspirations she had behind her.

Looking for way out of her small, idle community, Amaris attended college in Rhode Island. It was there that she discovered that she was destined for something greater. Since she had always been passionate about the Arts, Amaris decided to move to Los Angeles to become an actor. After spending some time in L.A., she began to realize that perhaps acting wasn’t her true calling in life, and she started to re-embrace her love for writing.

In this episode, Amaris details the many difficulties she faced growing up in a small town, including racism and limited career options. She shares the personal journey that brought her to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, and how she was able to find her identity and purpose through writing.

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