Homicides Are Down, But Violent Crime Is up for Fourth Year in a Row in Los Angeles

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LAPD responds to a double homicide at the Hop Sing Tong Benevolent Association on Jan. 26, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

Homicides and gun violence were down in Los Angeles in 2017, a payoff of building closer ties between police and communities and increased efforts to remove firearms from the streets, officials said.

The 6% decline in homicides was a reversal from the increases of the previous two years. There were 271 homicides through Dec. 16, compared with 289 last year. The number of shooting victims was also down by 11% from 2016.

Angelenos are far less likely to be murdered than in the 1990s, when homicides peaked at 1,094 in a single year.

But there were other, more ominous trends in the year-end tally of crime in the city. Violent crime was up for the fourth year in a row, fueled by a 6% increase in robberies and a 5% spike in aggravated assaults. Property crime also ticked higher for the third year in a row— up 1% over last year.

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